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PDF-IconTrue progress is above ground! Arguments based on reason.

(10th edition, November 2018)

Stuttgart 21 – List of Flaws & Gaps

A working paper of Ingenieure22 with a selection of defects, risks and criticisms.
(release: 4.7.2018)

Who we are

We, the Ingenieure22 (i.e. Engineers22), are a working group of engineers,  railway workers, technicians and scientists of various disciplines, with the aim of designing a future-oriented rail transport system and preservation of our efficient terminus station. Our expertise include, among others, construction, electricity and safety, train driving, signalling, environmental techniques, tunnel construction, mineralogy, geology, physics and biology.

We are certain that the preservation and modernisation of the Stuttgart terminus main station better meets the future needs of the rail transport system and allows for greater extension capacity in the future.

Stuttgart 21 on the other hand presents us – the so called fact checks in 2010 with Heiner Geißler have confirmed this - with an inefficient, expensive and risky alternative. If the competent engineers had been able to plan this independently, they would not have come to this solution, which downsizes the station and moves it underground. The political guideline was the recovery of land for a real estate project in the Stuttgart city centre area. The efficiency of the railway station and the route network are apparently only lip services.

Even the "Stuttgart 21 Plus" solution, suggested after the fact checks by Heiner Geißler in 2010, is not a good solution, too:

  • it contains claims that are technically difficult to meet and is in any case very expensive;
  • it has the same serious disadvantages like Stuttgart21 itself: the risks for our mineral water, the risk of building tunnels in a highly dangerous geological zone, the risks of traffic in very long and steep tunnels, the risk of a train station with sloped tracks.

Therefore the aim of Ingenieure22 is to inform the public, boards and political deciders of the shortcomings and risks associated with the Stuttgart 21 (Plus) project, and more importantly to extensively and comprehensively inform the public of the benefits and flexibility of a modernized and optimised terminus station. We do not prevent progress and or reject future developments. On the contrary our mission is integrated planning, always considering the consequences in terms of the benefits, costs and risks.

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